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The art of getting things done through people

Follett Parker is a boutique executive search firm

We help our clients achieve competitive advantage by partnering with them to find exceptional individuals to grow effective teams. We are based in London, working globally to serve clients within Private Markets and Asset Management.

Why work with us?

The process of successfully integrating individuals within teams begins from the very beginning of all candidate contact and does not end on joining. We work with candidates and clients to communicate the value proposition and to position the right candidates for success.


Some of the reasons our clients come to us:

  • We don’t believe clients don’t know. Clients do know and we are here to support you in achieving your people goals.

  • We are not tied down by legacy processes. We are nimble and are able to offer custom solutions that work for each situation.

  • We are signed up to the principles of the B Lab working towards B Corp Pending status. That means adhering to high standards of social and environmental accountability, performance and transparency within all of our operations.

  • We are kind and we care. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals. We will listen and we will be relentless in pursuit of the right outcomes that work for your specific circumstance.


Diversity is life's most essential feature

Diversity and inclusion

The desire to help build diverse teams is a central motivation for Follett Parker’s existence.

We work closely with our clients to build and nurture inclusive organisations that value diversity in all its forms.

We bring commitment and energy to help you build your diverse teams; teams which reflect your customer bases and convey the tangible benefits that come with having different voices (and faces) around the table.

Our commitment to the principles of DEI is unwavering, it is embedded in our values, and it is central to our mission and drives how we work.

Quite simply, DE&I is in our DNA.

Our values


We believe in win-win solutions for the candidate and the client.

Our purpose

We want to be a partner of choice for mission-driven organisations who are seeking to find senior talent and who share our values of looking after people and planet.

We specialise in liminal roles such as Chiefs of Staff and ‘roles of the future’ such ESG and Impact and Sustainability Officers, and their direct reports. We like a challenge so if you have a tricky or nuanced search, we’d be happy to help.

B-Corp (pending)

Follett Parker is proud to have received a B Corp Pending certification. We’ve signed up to the principles of the B Lab and are working towards satisfying the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability.


B stands for benefit. That is always striving to do better and thereby inducing positive change for our employees, our clients, our suppliers, and the planet.

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