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Helping you build your purpose-led career

Your career

We are founded on the principles of fairness and kindness and we strive to make sure that candidates have a good experience. We will treat you with care and respect.

We even have a kindness manifesto. 

Our promise to you is we will never shoe horn you in to situations that are not right for you. We take the time to understand what you are looking for and we find you a home that is just right for you.

If you wish to have a discreet conversation with us about your next move, please get in touch.

So what might a typical process look like?

Connect with us

After first contact by email or phone, we like to meet in person, or we can arrange a virtual meeting where that works better.

We will spend time with you to understand you and your career ambition.


You meet with client for interviews. We will be there to support you every step of the way. Tests including psychometrics may take place around the same time as the interviews.

Introduction to Client

Once suitability assessments are carried out, we would facilitate an introduction of your profile to the client and share your CV.


When you are successful at interview, the client will offer and we will work with you and them to ensure we agree an offer that is not just right for them but for you too – a win- win.

Roles we cover

  • Senior Women

  • Chiefs of Staff

  • ESG + Impact and Sustainability

  • Heads of Strategy

  • Business Managers

  • Innovation Consultants

  • Marketing and Communications


Helping leaders operate efficiently and successfully


Whether you are looking for a role within your current sector or you may be looking to move to another, we are happy to help you with your search.

  • Private Equity

  • Asset Management 

  • Professional Services

  • Consulting

  • Not for profit organisations

Kindness is cool – please read our kindness manifesto.

Register with us

Register with us

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