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Unity with our clients and candidates, and not uniformity with the market

Culture as brand currency

We believe that culture is the new brand currency; it is where your purpose and your values meet.

Our marketing oriented approach makes us different.
It means we are able to understand, interpret and compellingly communicate your story to candidates. We build end to end experiences for our clients (and our candidates). We know how important it is to represent and communicate your unique value and proposition to everyone we come in to contact with on your behalf.

Where appropriate, we can work with you to develop your Employer Value Proposition to help in the marketing of your business.

Our promise to you

​We believe that everyone deserves an exceptional experience and we extend the same care and kindness to our candidates as we do our clients.

Our job is to get the right messages to the right people. After all, who you hire today determines what your organisation looks and feels like tomorrow.

Our method

We believe in partnership, with you and with our candidates.

We perform a 7-step process on each search, in a transparent and communicative manner

1 / Discovery

We meet with you and everyone involved in the search: Hiring Manager, HR, and any other stakeholders.

2 / Determine and agree search strategy

In consultation with you, we formulate a search strategy that we think works for the unique circumstance.

3 / The search

We will find a long list of candidates from which we work together to draw up a shortlist.

4 / Qualify and assess candidates

A crucial step where we make sure that we have candidates who are qualified for interest and assessed for suitability.

5 / Interviews

Suitable candidates will be presented for interview

6 / Manage offer

We will work with you as well as your selected candidate to sensitively communicate the offer and negotiate win-win outcomes.

7 / Onboarding

We remain engaged with you and candidate between offer and the start and we can help with onboarding where required.​

And we don’t stop there. We can work with you to help you manage on-boarding of candidates where you need us to.

Functions we can help you search for:

We tend to place people in liminal roles such as Chiefs of Staff and related disciplines as well as mainstay roles of the future such as, Impact and Sustainability Officers.

  • Senior Women

  • Chiefs of Staff

  • ESG + Impact and Sustainability

  • Heads of Strategy

  • Business Managers

  • Innovation Consultants

  • Marketing and Communications

We understand that sometimes, what you need might be ambiguous, please get in touch, we like a challenge and we’d love to speak with you about your specific people requirements.


We believe that diversity is life's most essential feature

Cross sector knowledge

Whether you are looking for a role within your current sector or you may be looking to move to another, we are happy to help you with your search.

  • Private Equity

  • Asset Management 

  • Professional Services

  • Consulting

  • Not for profit organisations

Contact us

We’d love to hear from you whether you have a search you’d like to discuss with us or even if you need advice about pending searches, we’d be happy to speak with you.

Contact us to discuss your hiring requirements. 020 8064 0682

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